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COASTAL PATHS "The coastal trail" runs places intact. There, facing the sea, we perceive the union of land and water under the sky and the sun, as she had to be at the origin of life. This is the French Revolution that the administration decides to trace a path along its coasts, the "coastal path" is put into service in 1791. This part of Saintes Maries de Sea and ends at Menton. For Small Homes, we are interested in the portion about 3 km between Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer.

This section begins to Nice, precisely Coco Beach. It was commissioned in 1920. Walkers already enjoyed some well equipped from its starting point at the Parc Vigier and former hotel Maeterlinck. Now, from the low ledge, it is possible to reach the shores Villefranchois with all work carried out. Exquisite as a stroll in the winter when the sun's rays on the sea give a special light, in summer, a towel always at hand to enter or dive into the deep blue sea as soon as you feel like takes.

Three major sections fragmenting the trail. First, the Coco Beach along the white rocks that many prefer the beaches of Nice. The regulars here are their small flat areas to isolate themselves, lie down, read basking in the sun, fishing, away from the crowds. Then, the path follows the cliffs Maeterlinck area, then the area of ​​the Bay of Villefranche-sur-Mer Several changes have been made, across the path, of which the last was not completed until very recently.

The work was carried out in various distinct stages, the junction between the starting point and the old hotel, damaged by decades of weather and heat waves, has been renovation, rehabilitation, and extension. Sector Palais Maeterlinck, the most reckless way to cross, has been geotechnical complex. With the improvements made, bridges, pavements, drains cliffs, laying ramps, railings protection, stairs ...... walkers can now discover and rediscover hope, views narcotics beauty on a site exception.

The entire route is punctuated by five road signs that inform you about the flora and fauna that inhabit the seabed. Vegetation species walk with your various scents: pistachio, mastic, broom, thyme, agaves and prickly pears, but this plant smell very intriguing Powerful called "the street", to only handle herb with caution as it can cause burns sunny (photo sensitizer). The legend assigns magical properties, it has the power, among others, to ward off evil spirits, sharpen vision, and combat poisons and venoms ...

This way the sea offers a veritable cakewalk that puts all your senses at the same time it uses your physical abilities, because as they say in Nice: this is the "mounta-cala" . Here we find the state of nature qu'accompagnent the cries of cicadas in summer, facing a sea sapphire only exist where land, water, sky and sun. However, the construction of grand mansions alone is there, reminding us of the need human beings to nest closer to "mare nostrum". Beauty, sometimes wild, our region captures, enchants and generously offers to you during the adventure that is the walk along the ancient "Way of the Customs."


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