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LE CHÂTEAU DE L'ANGLAIS The “Anglais” is Robert Smith. After a long stay in India as a colonel of British army, he came back to Europe. While he was travelling along the cost he bought a piece of land of about 35 000 m² in Cap de Nice. And then, this lover of India and architecture undertook an enormous work.

An impressive construction was taking a shape, in 1862 one could see appeared the archways, fountains, gardens and ornamental lakes. About fifty workers was hired to realize this fabulous project. Once finished, this indefinable style castle, astonished the local people who at the time were not quite accustomed to fancy architectural ideas of rich strangers. That’s why the castle was called “Le Château de l’Anglais”.

Lounges, boudoirs, smoking room all with painted ceilings, about a dozen bedrooms, the stairs with 200 steps leading to the sea. “L’Anglais” was always very discreet and quiet contrary it his successors who were giving sumptuous receptions very often. Today the castle is divided into several privet apartments.


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