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MONICA FÜRST Like her mother many years before, she arrived at the tender age of 17 in Nice at night. “When I woke up the next morning, I could not believe my eyes. Never before had I seen such a turquoise sea, such an intensely blue sky, and such vibrant colours…. I have followed in the paths of my mother and my special hero, Henri Matisse.
Matisse once said: “ What happiness to wake up every morning in this light!” I say the same. To be a painter, and above all if one is a colourist, one needs light. In Oslo in December, it gets dark at 4pm. Here it is one hour later, but the light is much stronger.People who have seen my work in Norway tell me that what I have done in Nice is different. Of cause, there are other motives, but I do not paint strictly what I see but also emotions.
Because I am a woman, I mostly paint women, what they feel and what they do. Cooking and working in the kitchen, flirting, buying flowers at the Cours Saleya, or simply sitting at the top of Mont Boron, admiring the sea view. I also like to paint the old houses in and around Nice. My professor at the Academy in Oslo always said that different angles in a painting made different rhythms. I t is therefore not difficult to find motives in the old town or in Villefranche.
The centre of Villefranche looks as if God had been at the Fort du Mont Alban and had thrown all the houses out in a mess. To accentuate this confusion that makes Villefranche so charming, I make the houses and towers even more bent. Sometimes one has to lie in order to tell the truth.
Every painter has one quality or speciality that makes him proud. I think I have a talent for colours. It makes me very happy to put two colours side by side and to see if they get to be friends. One has to be severe, and if they have quarrelled the next day, they must be separated.
I have a studio in Oslo and another one in Nice. Sometimes I stay three months in one place, and when I see my old work, I often find faults. Or, on the contrary, I can be agreeably surprised.
Sometimes it is better than I remembered. For this reason it is important to keep the canvases a few months after they are finished. Just like cheese, they need to mature.
The eternal question, “what is art ?” is hard to answer. But if we like a painting, and if after a hundred years our grandchildren’s children still find it beautiful, then it is probably art.
Monica Fürst
Tel: 0493 162390


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