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A reserved and discreet person, Julien can talk for ever about his creative occupation, his projects and arts in general.
His personal sphere is sculpture.  He enjoys working with synthetic materials such as elastomer and resin.  They impart a raw, rough look to his pieces and help transcend triviality. 
His purpose is to transfer to short-lived essential basics, used every day without even a thought, the role of medias displaying concepts.  In order to achieve his aim, he plans everything intelligently: proportions are scrutinized, reorganized, altered, exaggerated.  And that’s not where mutation ends. A secret of Julien’s is to blend in his work the clever appropriate dose of boyhood mischievous imagination, which shows in each piece.  Like a scientist, a chemist perhaps, he composes colours ranging from the softest to the most garish in his studio.  He lays them by hand so as to convey different meanings and new dimensions.  Today, the artist is displaying his creative capacities meanwhile he is turning into an experienced colourist. 
His career path started at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris where he studied with passion and great determination, and graduated in 2OOO.  Since then, contracts and exhibitions have succeeded one another.  He made a crucial step into the art world with the design of some perfume packaging.  Soon later, he won recognition with a two-metres-high sculpture: an over-size basketball blown up against a wall. That was a decisive stage in his life.  And the sunny south appealing to the artist, he left Paris to settle in Nimes.
Now, after working hard, distorting, reshaping, creating, J. Gudea has got a reserve of over 160 prototypes.  His view on the distribution of artwork is in his image, both discreet and efficient.  He doesn’t want to depend either on an agent or on a gallery, meaning he figures as an extravagant person in artistic circles.  The reason is he intends to preserve freedom to create at his own pace.  And he manages very well.  He has got his own website and is an expert at using the web possibilities.  Recently, he was contacted by a famous furniture mark wanting to use his image for their next advertising campaign.  Often, the artist lends one or several artwork pieces to a magazine or a shop for some time.  He takes part in various salons and calls directly on patrons of the arts.  It seems Julien Gudea is doing it his way in the arts world labyrinth.
The conditions of success appear to meet all the requirements for the singular and innovative creator and for his anti-conformist and surprizing ambitious work.  We wish him all the best and highly recommend a visit to a unique art world on his website.


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