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H2R, creator of exclusive

H2R, creator of exclusive

H2R, creator of exclusive

Nicolas Hontarrède departs from a fact: his clients are unique, his creations must be exclusive. His company, H2R Créations, treats a building in its integrity: interior architecture, restructuring, design, restructuring and custom made furniture.

Just like fashion, architecture should be constant recommencement. For that, creativity and ambition should be demonstrated. Every project is a new story to be invented and to bring it close as possible to that of the future resident.

«It is almost a psychological issue: to conceive a living space you need to understand a person who will live there. I always initiate my concept in a very artistic and sensible manner in order to deliver a totally personalized and exclusive product: none of our projects is the same, it’s the personality of the client and the context of premises that makes the richness of each living space we create.

Our job is above all to recopy emotions using our technique and savoir faire, serving for our creativity.
We manage projects from conception to realization, taking responsibility for technical, administrative and financial stages.

Nicolas Hontarrède
Tel :
@ : contact@h2r-creations.com


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